Cotton Jacquard Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging – A Beautiful Pond with Gazebo on a Warm Spring Day

A walk by the Pond

Artist : Sung Kim

Size : 26" x 36" (standard size)

Product Type : Cotton Jacquard Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging


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Short Description

The same warmth and light that spills from Sung’s Kim paint palette is reflected on our elegant Jacquard woven cotton tapestry wall hanging. Displaying his idyllic scene a sheltered Gazebo in an Italianesque Japanese Garden.

–    Ready to add to your room decor, fully lined; measures 36″ x 26″.

–   This throw will be a memorable gift for someone who cherishes blossoming nature.  This is a throw perfect for many different gift giving occasions.

–   This piece of art makes a great conversation piece. Whether you’re adding warmth and charm to your rustic home, or bringing a bit of the country life to your city home – this tapestry is for you.

–   You’ll appreciate our attention to detail, as our designs are intricately woven on Jacquard looms for stunning quality and lasting durability.

Long Description

This beautiful pond provides everything one needs to sustain a rewarding life.  A sheltered Gazebo invites relaxation and invites one to savor the refreshing millpond. One is surrounded by the serenity that feeds the spirit with endless reminders of our place on Earth.

This gorgeous Jacquard-woven, cotton tapestry wall hanging features artist Sung Kim romantic Italianesque Japanese Garden. There is something supremely satisfying of a life that is surrounded by the smooth, calm waters. Imagine living in just such splendid isolation in a setting of your own choice.

The same warmth and light that spills from Sung Kim paint palette is reflected on our elegant Jacquard woven cotton tapestry wall hanging. Displaying his glorious scene A magnificent Japanese Garden Scene.

Peacful Retreat by
Thomas Kinkade
100% cotton wall
Display Rod
Measures 36x26

Uses of Tapestries

Tapestries are pieces of thick textile fabrics interwoven with pictures or designs and patterns which are formed by embroidering on canvas or by
weaving colored weft threads and are used as a wall hanging or soft furnishing and primarily for decoration just like other works of art. The advantage
of using tapestries over other works of art is its portability. Long ago, tapestry arts are rolled up by kings and wealthy men and are easily transported
from one location to another. Tapestries can be put to many uses & this article is going to discuss such uses, and how they have been used in the past
and converted to a valuable piece of art for decorations.

Uses of Tapestries

  • Used by monarchs as a symbol of authority. In the middle ages, richly woven tapestries were designed and hung over and behind thrones raised on daisies and are used to denote authority.
  • Tapestries in the past were hung over walls as winter insulators and were also used as decorations.
  • They were carried about by churches due to its high level of portability and were used as votive images during prayers and also for moments of personal reflections.
  • Larger tapestries were hung in abbeys, mansions, & castles as decorations for large halls and noble rooms.
  • Tapestries were often strewn together & used to form pictures which tell stories. Such stories could be religious oriented and when put up in large spaces unify such spaces.

Tapestries Can Also Be Applied in Today’s World as a Means of Adding Beauty To Our Immediate Environment. Various Ideas Can Be Invented into Tapestries in an Effort Aimed at Promoting Beauty. The Advantage That Tapestries Have Over The Use of Conventional Art as a Tool of Decoration Which is its Portability Also Makes it All Easier and Maybe More Preferred. Such Uses That a Tapestry Can be Applied To in a Modern Environment Include:

  • It can be used as a throw at the end of beds to add more color to a room. It will add more style to a comforter & improve on the total outlook of any space.
  • It can serve as a picnic blanket. A colorfully designed tapestry will do the perfect job of a picnic blanket & everyone will love to own one. It can also serve as mat where you can lay and work on your homework, or you could just lay on it while taking in the evening view outside of your home.
  • Give your room a complete makeover by hanging a beautifully patterned tapestry on the wall. Let it serve as a wall decoration. It is easier to move about & is very much capable of doing just the job of any artwork.
  • Smaller tapestries can serve as doormats, adding more color and aesthetics to your home.

Tapestries are Still Very Much Valuable Just Like any Other Work of Art and Can Go
a Long Way In Serving as Another Item of Decoration.

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